Depreciation and Expansion of Doors: What Is the Reason?

Wood can essentially expand and shrink; it depends on the weather environment (rain and heat). During the rainy season, usually wood expands, because the water content in the wood increases, while in summer, the wood will shrink. That is the brief explanation about what is the reason behind the deprecation and expansion of doors. However, if you would like to know the reason in more details, then you definitely should keep reading this article as we from superior glass, a company for home window repair Phoenix will explain the reason for you.

Doors shrink due MC or water levels are still high, so that when exposed to hot air door will be unchanged. Usually not only shrinking but the connection of wood that had been Bokep Jepang meeting frays, the paint is cracked and the door became more fragile. In the rainy season weather conditions become damp sure the door will rise again as the initial form, shown the door began tightness again on the ledge. After 2 to 3 new season can be a normal door, but on the change of seasons will always be a movement.

There is a standard measure moisture content of the wood must be met for expansion-shrinkage that occurs is still acceptable. Generally, the water content can be absorbed as much as 12% with the condition of the wood is still dry. Doors that expand and shrink usually result because the making process of theirs is not perfect. The simplest, you can dry the wooden door under the sun in the morning until noon. Once completely dry, the new doors will have a fixed size, and then you just adjust to the door frame. Paint on the bottom and top of the door is porous, so water vapour does not enter into the timber. However, if these problems have already happened to your door, there is nothing else you can do to fix it, other than to replace it with a new one.

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